What Does Camp Include?


  • Lodging Monday night through Saturday night with a Sunday departure. (Not included for Day Use Only/Offsite Lodging Campers)

  • Monday night dinner, 3 meals plus snacks everyday Tuesday through Saturday, breakfast Sunday. (Day Use Only Campers are included in the Monday night Welcome Dinner & lunches Tuesday through Saturday)

  • All activities and classes, including evening programs.

  • Training and Testing for CGC and Therapy Dog.

  • Photographs, swag bag, and a warm and fuzzy feeling that you are making the world a better place by fighting cancer.


What Activities Can I Expect?

  • Activities include;

    • Agility

    • Hiking

    • Water Sports

    • Lure-Coursing

    • Behavioral Modification

    • Tricks

    • Force-Free Training

    • Do as I Do

    • Nose Work [New! - AKC Certificate Eligibility Available!]

    • Kayak & Paddle Boarding

    • Doga (Yoga with your Dog on the Beach!)

    • Canine Core-Conditioning & Balance


What will I learn at camp?

  • Training Classes and Testing for;

    • CGC, CGCA

    • Therapy Dog

  • Classes on;

    • Pet Photography

    • Fear-free Grooming

    • General Wellness for Dogs

    • Nutrition

    • Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

    • Alternative Medicine

    • Cancer Awareness & Symptoms

    • Cancer Prevention

    • Cancer Treatment

If you do not see an Activity or Class that you are interested in listed here, please send us an email with your requests. (If we receive enough interest in an activity not listed here, we will make an attempt to add it to our program.)


How Much Does it Cost?


$2,350 per camper - single occupancy

$1,950 per camper - double occupancy

You must find your own roommate in advance and let us know who they will be when you sign up for camp. We will not be assigning roommates.

$1,750 per camper - offsite

You provide your own lodging, but still join the pack for meals and activities. (Great for people with more than 2 dogs!)


How Do I sign up?

Vacation With Your Pet!


get $100 off of your remaining balance
(excluding your nonrefundable deposit) 
for every camper that signs up, referred by you.

there is no limit, so you could pay off your balance by recruiting friends this year!

retreat with logo.jpg

tahoe beach retreat and lodge

A gorgeous Lakeside property including;

Beachfront Dining and Reception Area
reserved exclusively for Wild Blue Dogs.
A dog-friendly beach with a private pier.
Extensive hotel grounds.
Ground floor rooms with direct access to
parking, gardens and walkways.

A perfect gathering place for the Wild Blue Pack!

For camper Page.jpg

4H Camp Facility

4H Camp includes;

33 acres of beautiful lawns and
undeveloped spaces that sit directly on the lake.
Direct access to another amazing dog-friendly beach. 
An entirely fenced facility for safety, making it easy to focus on classes.
Soaring pine trees, lots of shade, lake breezes,
and plenty of wide open spaces.


Can I Invite My Friends?

share the experience

We are the only nonprofit dog camp in the country,
and the only week-long dog camp this side of the Mississippi.
Wild Blue Dog Camp truly is Play With A Purpose!

Please share information about our camp with others
you think would enjoy the Wild Blue Dogs Camp experience.

Beautiful Weather, Beachfront Facilities, Fresh Water, No Ticks!

ALL donations received from Wild Blue Dog Camp will go directly to research and treating canine cancer.

Earn $100 OFF of your post-deposit balance
for every registered camper you refer!


Feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions, or feedback.

Victoria "Vicki" Rhodes - Organization Director

Contact@WildBlueDogs.org // 1 (775) 790-3446