Victoria "Vicki" Rhodes -  Wild Blue Dogs Founder

Victoria "Vicki" Rhodes - Wild Blue Dogs Founder

 I’ve always loved dogs, but when I finally decided to get one of my own I never dreamed how they would change me, my life and the way I see the world, and always for the better. Asta and Willie are my inspiration for founding Wild Blue Dogs. If two Welsh Terriers can create such profound change, creating a legacy worthy of them became my mission.

...When Willie was 11 he was diagnosed with transitional cell carcinoma (bladder cancer), a cancer that affects people too. I was devastated but terriers never give up and neither do their owners. With the help of a team of incredibly talented veterinarians we fought cancer every way we could; diet, chemo, radiation, surgery, acupuncture, cold laser, homeopathy. A three to six month prognosis turned into 3 years of life-real, high quality, play in the sunshine LIFE. My dog had the heart of a lion and the extra time we had was priceless. Now I’d like to help others to find their courage and get that extra time too.

Willie isn’t the first loved one I’ve lost to cancer and I hate this disease. I’m now committed to finding improved treatment, new cures through research and taking back some of the time cancer has stolen from all of us.

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Patrick Langston is the Webmaster for our online home, He is from Long Beach, Ca., he is interested in diet/nutrition, lifestyle and mental practices, information, and modalities that improve the emotional wellness, and physical wellness of humans and animals. He hopes to gain knowledge, skills and certifications to develop a Career where he can travel and use the knowledge and skills to improve his life and the life of others while exploring the world.

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Patrick Langston -  Webmaster

Patrick Langston - Webmaster

Nicole DiAngelo -  Marketing & PR Manager

Nicole DiAngelo - Marketing & PR Manager

Nicole Di Angelo is the Marketing and Public Relations manager for Wild Blue Dogs. She’s originally from Statesboro, Georgia and made her way to Whittier, California in the summer of 2016.

In addition to attending college, Nicole is a certified lifeguard, and a Social Media wiz.

Someday, Nicole would like to own her own business, so managing our nonprofit has been quite a rewarding learning experience!

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