If you have current existing lab work, x-rays, sonograms, etc. that pertain to your patients condition, please send them to us via email at


  • Wild Blue Dogs offers grants to individuals whose dog has been diagnosed with cancer and who desire treatment for their dog but lack the financial resources to do so.  The following is a list of the criteria applicants must meet in order to be considered for a Wild Blue Dogs treatment grant.
  • Please fill out the Veterinarian Assessment form and email directly to Wild Blue Dogs.  Also email any test results that are pertinent. We will match your records with your clients application form.  At that point your client and their dog will be assigned a  patient identification number, ensuring that the selection process is unbiased.  
  • After review by our team of Wild Blue Dogs veterinary oncologists and they make their treatment recommendations this form will be given to our selection committee for their review and decision.  Both you and your client will be notified of the committee’s decision via email. 
  • Criteria for selection of Candidates for Treatment Grants
  • Only canine patients within California and immediately adjoining communities will be considered eligible for grants.
  • Owner must demonstrate financial need and prove their inability to afford cancer treatment for their dog by providing a copy of 2 recent bank statements and a copy of their previous year’s tax statement (copies to be reviewed and then destroyed).
  • Priority given to patients with the best prognosis with treatment versus prognosis without treatment.
  • Priority will also be given to dogs that are trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.
  • Cancer treatments and surgeries will take place in a facility of Wild Blue Dogs choosing. Wild Blue Dogs reserves the right to select alternative Veterinarians and facilities in the event that the initial location is impractical. Only specified facilities with explicit written authorization from Wild Blue Dogs will receive payment for services.
  • Sponsored treatments will include chemotherapy, radiation, laser treatment, surgery and related surgical costs, medications for treatment of symptoms, side effects, and pain management.
  • Candidate selections will be made by a minimum of two Wild Blue Dog Board/Advisory Members.  
  • All decisions of the board are final.  Names of the board members making decisions on grants will not be released to anyone outside of Wild Blue Dogs Board of Directors
  • The owner must agree to the course of treatment decided upon by Wild Blue Dogs and the attending Veterinarian.
  • Wild Blue Dogs does not guarantee the outcome/efficacy of any treatments.
  • Owners must accept all risks associated with cancer treatment and veterinary care. Unexpected side effects and new conditions will not be covered by the grant. Euthanasia costs will be paid for dogs that have already received a grant, and only in sudden, emergency situations con-current with treatment.  Any other emergency services will not be covered.      
  • Owners must sign a release with permission to use patients story & sound and visual images of the canine patient for promotional purposes.  No private information, financial information, or social media addresses will ever be released by Wild Blue Dogs.  We simply want the right to tell the story of your dogs illness, treatment & progress.
  • Owner must be wiling to provide volunteer participation or help with a Wild Blue Dogs or CLEAR event.