1 in 3 Dogs will get cancer.
6 Million dogs will be diagnosed this year.
Without treatment, most will die within the year.

Wild Blue Dogs wants to help dogs with cancer and their owners. Together with the dogs owners and veterinarians, we want to find a way to cure dogs, help manage their symptoms and side effects, extend their life span, and lead the best life possible for as long as possible.

Our need-based Treatment program offers grants to people who's dogs have cancer, but lack the resources to pay for necessary treatment. California Residents and adjacent communities can apply for a grant here. Once the request has been reviewed grant recipients will be referred to a local Wild Blue Dogs Oncologist for treatment. Wild Blue Dogs will provide payment for all cancer related services.

Our fundraising activities are truly Play With A Purpose, and include a week-long dog camp in Lake Tahoe and a series of Yappy Hour events and get-together's that are fun for dogs and their owners. Wild Blue Dogs and a team of volunteers create a variety of activities for dog lovers and their pooches. From the great outdoors, to strutting your mutt, to tall cool drinks in beautiful surroundings, you and your dog can enjoy time together surrounded by like minded friends, neighbors and their dogs. These events will help us raise money for treating dogs with cancer as well as help us take the next step forward in canine-cancer research.

The field of research we will be supporting is Comparative-Oncology, one of the newest and fastest growing fields of cancer research. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) believes so strongly in this vision that the NCI Comparative Oncology Program was created. Pfizer is maintaining an entire library of canine tissue samples and several clinical trials including targeted delivery therapy in treatment of tumors are currently underway.

If you would like to learn more about Comparative Oncology and the Canine-Human Cancer Link, click on the link below.

Welcome to Wild Blue Dogs. We hope as you navigate this site you find activities that you and your dog can enjoy together, that you learn something new, and that you are motivated to help us stop cancer with your donations. 

Out there in the Wild Blue is a cure for cancer and our journey together to find that cure begins here.

Close to home or a road trip away, you can join us for fund raising fun and learn about canine cancer prevention, treatment and how to make every day healthier.

Can't join us?
You can still support our cause by donating on our website or our Facebook page. You will always be able to choose where your dollars go, treatment or research, or you can allow us to apply it where it is most urgently needed.