Wild Blue Dogs is proud to announce that due to your generous support have funded treatment for our first two patients.
Both Trojan and Max have received fully funded cancer care!

Max Foreman


Max was just a tiny puppy when he was found wandering the streets of Houston, Texas. Lucky for Max some kind-hearted South Lake Tahoe residents who were visiting on vacation found him and took him from the mean streets of Houston back home with them to Lake Tahoe, where he found his forever home with DeAnn Forman. She saw Max on a rescue website for animals and it was love at first sight.

The goofy puppy from Houston fit right in. Not only did DeAnn adopt him but the entire neighborhood fell in love, taking turns visiting him when they had spare time to walk and exercise the energetic puppy, and checking in on Max when DeAnn was working long shifts.

DeAnn first noticed a mass when she took 18 month old Max to get him neutered. After the surgery Max continued to spot pale red tinted urine. DeAnn knew her perfect, fun loving puppy needed to head back to the vet’s. At Sierra Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Monroe diagnosed Max as having Transmissible Venereal Tumors, a canine STD that produces cancerous tumors. Left untreated this cancer would spread and end Max’s short life (he's not even 2!).

Enter Wild Blue Dogs, a canine cancer non profit that provides funding for treatment and research. We are funding Max’s chemotherapy treatment and his prognosis is EXCELLENT.


After 3 treatment Max is doing great and we are expecting a complete recovery!

Update: 03-18-2018


We have great news! Max's recent tests at Sierra Veterinary Clinic in South Lake Tahoe show him to be... Cancer Free!

Trojan Bautista

Trojan was only 8 weeks old when he was thrown to the curb (literally) by his former abusive family. A kind hearted man found the helpless puppy and brought him home for his daughter, Jennifer Bautista as a gift. They have been together ever since

Trojan demands to be the center of attention at all times. (Can you blame him?) He enjoys charging incoming waves and biting them right as they break the surface! He once lived with a pet chicken that he would not only share his food with, but if he noticed that her bowl of food was empty, he would tap it until someone would come fill it for her!


Jennifer began suspecting something was off with Trojan when he woke up with what appeared to be a bloody mucus coming out of his nose along with swollen lymph nodes. He was immediately taken to the vet for blood work and antibiotics. Everything seemed to go back to normal, until two weeks later when he started displaying lethargic behavior. Jennifer knew that something was not right with her baby, so he was taken back to the vet’s office Trojan was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer.

Trojan was taken to The Veterinary Cancer Group in Woodland Hills where they met Dr. Valerie Wiles and began discussing treatment options  He was given an injection that would help with the swelling of his lymph nodes.which was making swallowing difficult and painful.

Thankfully the injection made the swelling of his lymph nodes diminish along with the bloody mucus (YAY)! The following week Trojan was ready for his Chemo treatments and Jennifer needed some financial help from Wild Blue Dogs,

Wild Blue Dogs has fully funded Trojan’s care so that Trojan and Jennifer can focus on fighting cancer.

Trojan has bounced back incredibly. He has returned to his happy, energetic, and loving self. His chemotherapy continues but he is tolerating it very well and is enjoying a great quality of life. With the help of the Veterinary Cancer Group,and Wild Blue Dogs Jennifer and Trojan are getting more time together, and are looking forward to continued successful treatment and a happy holiday season.

Update: 12-14-2017

It is with a heavy heart we share with you that Trojan Bautista passed away yesterday, December 13th. Trojan's passing was very sudden and unexpected. He was involved in an accident and had to be put down.

He was handling his treatments very well and was having amazing progress. Trojan had so much personality and life to him. There's no doubt that his very strong will kept him, as well as his family, optimistic about his recovery. Wild Blue Dogs is filled with sadness to have lost such an incredible member of our family. We will always love you, Trojan. Rest in peace buddy boy.