Hotel & 4H Amenities


I have had a few additional questions about the hotel from some very thoughtful campers. So here is some additional information for you.

I will be requesting refrigerators in all the rooms.

All rooms should be ground floor

All rooms should have a coffee/tea maker, blow dryers, and outdoor sitting area.

The hotel has good, free wifi and excellent cell phone reception.You will be given the wifi code at check in. A parking pass should be provided for you.

I have had a few additional questions about the 4H from some very thoughtful campers. So here is some additional information for you.

The 4H facility has mediocre phone reception and limited wifi. You will be able to get reception but you may need to wander around a bit to find a strong signal. It is a great excuse to unplug and play with your dog!

The cabins have electricity, but do not have heating or air conditioning. This is real cabin camping.

Just like any other camping campsite, you will need to a go to a separate building for the restroom and showers. Wear warm clothes to bed at night so it is less of a shock to go out of the cabin and into the cold if you need to use the restroom during the night.

As you will be using a public shower area be sure to wear flip flops or shower shoes. The restrooms will be cleaned everyday by a cleaning crew but common sense precautions are always best in public areas. 

If you need to keep something cold bring a cooler. We will have plenty of ice available.

The beds are twin sized bunk beds. You will be able to hang sheets from the top bunk for privacy if you feel you need it.

There will be no more than 2 people per cabin with the exception of one 2 story cabin which is much larger, so 3 campers will fit comfortably.

An x pen is an excellent way of sectioning off your portion of the room and keeping the dogs out of mischief while you sleep or are out of the cabin and need to leave them alone. Better yet, a crate. Or both, for real luxury!

You will be the one hauling your stuff to your cabin. My team will help in case of emergency only. They each have a million tasks, including maintaining the welfare and safety of the entire group of campers and their dogs. There will be a wagon available for your use.

This is your last reminder about sending your photo in for 

"Paint Your Pet." 

Email this to me now so that you will be able to participate in this activity. It is really fun and you won't want to miss out!