Camper Packing List


Hello Wild Blue Dog Campers!

Attached is a packing list for the human portion of the team. Lake Tahoe is a very casual, relaxed town so fancy clothing - even for the casinos - isnā€™t necessary. The daytime temperatures will be in the upper 70ā€™s - sunny and warm, but the nights will start getting chilly so be sure to bring a jacket or sweatshirt. Occasional thunder showers can happen too so something waterproof is a good idea.

You will be hiking on uneven trails and doing lots of walking (just getting from one end of the 4H Camp to the other is quite a walk) so be sure to bring feet-friendly shoes, as well as an extra pair that you are ok with getting wet. The shores of Lake Tahoe are a very rough sand and can easily abrade your feet so some kind of footwear that can get wet but still protect your feet is a good idea. The high altitude can cause very dry skin and the unusually high snowfall and rainfall has brought with it extra mosquitoes, gnats, and wasps so it is best to be prepared with repellant. We have placed wasp traps all around the 4H facility to help reduce their numbers but you are in a wilderness area with strict environmental protection regulations so they are a fact of life.

In order to get to know your fellow campers better you might want to print out a copy of the camper directory we emailed to you. You can also "keep it green" and just refer to your digital version. 

I am requesting refrigerators for all the hotel rooms, but you might want to consider bringing a small cooler if you need to keep raw dog food cold while at the 4H facility. If you are staying at the 4H facility or offsite you will need to bring your own cooler to the 4H camp. Ice will be plentiful at both the hotel and the 4H camp. There will always be cold water, ice tea or lemonade available at the 4H to keep you refreshed and hydrated.

Don't forget to email in your photo
for Paint Your Pet by August 16th.
(cost is only $40-usually $50+ cost)

Click here to download a PDF checklist