Your Dog's Packing List


Hello Wild Blue Dog Campers!

I’m sending along a packing list for you to work with. This list is for your dog (I will send another one for you), and I want to point out a couple of very important things. Lake Tahoe does not have venomous snakes, ticks, or heart worm, but it does have wildlife and all the things that come with it. Rabies shots or titers are essential. Bring a copy of your certificate or titers.

  1. Lake Tahoe is high altitude. Both you and your dog need to HYDRATE. I cannot over emphasize the importance of this. Both you and your dog may experience some altitude sickness, which can last a couple of hours. It generally manifests as a headache, lethargy, or nausea. Don't worry-it will pass quickly. Drink plenty of water and make sure your dog does too (if they are over-excited try adding low sodium chicken broth).

  2. Crates are also super important as this will provide a safe place for you to leave your dog during meals and when they are resting between activities.

  3. Nights can be chilly in Tahoe so bring a lightweight coat or T-shirt for your dog, or a small blanket to help them stay warm when we are outdoors at night. 

  4. The water in Lake Tahoe is spectacularly high this year, but it is cold and can be dangerous so if you plan to paddle board or kayak be sure to bring a life vest for your best friend. Several excellent pet shops in town carry them, so if you don’t have one you can buy one. We will have life vests for human campers.

  5. These shops also carry excellent food and treats, but be sure to bring what you regularly feed. Your dog will have enough excitement without changing his food up and creating tummy trouble.

  6. You should have received an email with a "Camp Directory." This is a photo directory of your fellow campers and their dogs and is designed to help you get to know each other (at least by sight). You can print this out or "keep it green" and stick to the digital version.

Don't forget to email in your photo
for Paint Your Pet by August 16th.
(cost is only $40-usually $50+ cost)

Click here to download a PDF checklist