US Canine Scent Sports Eligibility Certification!

Scent Work or Nose work is the fastest growing canine sport in the country. It requires tremendous teamwork on the part of the dog & the handler. If you have ever watched dogs do any kind of scent work you will have seen them become completely immersed. They may be able to run for miles but after a half hour of scent work they will be exhausted.

Dogs are literally built for this sport - they get to use their most powerful ability - their sense of smell. Intense nose & brain work! Even better, dogs of all ages and physical abilities can participate. Bad hips, poor eyesight, seniors, hard of hearing-doesn't matter. They will primarily be using their nose!

One of the toughest things about Scent Work or Nose work is that before you can compete and start earning your titles you need to prove that you know how to handle your dog for scent work and the dog understands what you are asking him to do. Scent work is very time consuming so in order to allow as many trained teams as possible to achieve titles you must prove that your team knows what it is doing.

US Canine Scent Sports has approved our request to conduct classes and certify eligibility to compete in USCSS Select Trials. Campers must attend 2 classes during camp. Testing for certification will take place at the end of the week. This certification allows campers to compete in USCSS trials throughout the year.

Many thanks to our new instructor Suzanne LeRoy for going the extra mile to get this great opportunity for Wild Blue Dog Campers!

Want to know more? visit the USCSS website: