Paint Your Pet


Ever dreamed of being your own Leonardo-Dog-Vinci? Vincent-Bone-Gogh? Michelbonegelo? Puppy O'Keeffe?

Saturday, September 7 Wild Blue Dog Camp will have it's very own "Paint Your Pet!"

Many of you have already participated in a "Paint & Sip." A group of people all painting their own version of a "model" painting. 

Since our favorite subject to paint would naturally be our own dogs we have taken this idea to the WILD side and are going to bring out the "Pawcasso" in you!

You email us your favorite photo of your dog and we will have a professional artist sketch an outline of the photo onto canvas. With the help of trained artists you will paint this sketch and produce your own work of art-featuring your favorite subject-YOUR VERY OWN DOG! 

Unlike most "Paint & Sips" you will not need to go to the artist's studio, instead they will come to us on the 4H campground. You supply the photo and we provide everything else, the canvas, sketch, paint, easels, apron & brushes The cost for this extra activity is $40,which you pay directly to Paint & Sip (either cash or check) at the time of the event.

You must send in your photo by August 16th.

A few tips on choosing a photo:
Select a photo where your dog's face is clearly visible
Simple backgrounds and poses work best
Be sure your photo focuses on your dog (multiple subjects get too complicated)

Email those photo's in NOW. If you wait until camp you will be left out because they won't have time to get the sketch done.

This is truly "Art from the Heart!" A perfect gift for yourself, your family or a friend!