October - In Memoriam - Santa Rosa Fires

For those of you who do not frequent Facebook, we had a tragedy in our Wild Blue Dog Camper family.

Linda Phillips, one of your fellow campers, lost her three dogs McCovey, Gertie, and Gypsy and her home in the Santa Rosa fires. Linda was away from home and the fires jumped and moved so fast she was unable to return before the entire neighborhood was turned to ash. All three dogs perished in the fire.

McCovey was at Dog Camp this past September and played and socialized with many of your dogs-a sweet and loving friend and intrepid adventurer.

To lose your home is a tremendous tragedy, but to lose all three of your best friends at once is unimaginable. Please take a moment to send loving thoughts and healing strength to Linda. She gave her dogs great lives. 

For those of you who would like to help in the Fire Relief efforts:

Linda has asked that you donate to the shelter she has been involved with for years and where two of her lost dogs were adopted from, including McCovey: