To do List For
Registration Day


This memo gives you a detailed list of what you will need to do for registration day. Please read and follow these guidelines for a smooth as silk process for you and your dog. If you are staying at the Beach Retreat & Lodge, please check in there first.

  1. At 3:30 on Monday, September 2 you will receive a text on the mobile number that you gave us on your registration form. This text will give you the gate code to the 4H facility. Only registered campers are allowed on the 4H grounds. Sorry-no visitors, no exceptions.

  2. Pull up to the gate & put your car in park or neutral. Slowly enter the gate code & wait for the gate to open.

  3. Drive down the road toward the lodge and park in either marked parking spaces, along the left side of the road or all the way down on the basketball court (past the lodge).


  5. Your dog's good behavior is up to you! DO NOT let your dog run loose.

  6. Keep space between your dog & other dogs. This is new for them and we want to make all 2 legged & 4 legged campers comfortable. We have lots of puppies coming to camp this year so we all need to work to make sure they do not get too intimidated or frightened. Older dogs know the ropes, but with a puppy everything is new. They can sniff & greet each other later.

  7. Find a place away from other dogs to secure your dog while you complete the registration process. You can also leave them in your car while you complete registration. Just make sure your windows are down enough to allow for a breeze (but not so open that your dog can escape) and you have some shade.

  8. If the line to register is long, your dog is a bit stressed or is acting like he drank 6 expresso's, please take him to our "Snuffle Park." A dog's #1 sense is smell and they are captivated by it! A "Snuffle Park" allows them to wander one at a time, in an area filled with smelly things and get caught up in lots of new smells. It will distract them and relax them. A slow, solo stroll with exotic smells is just the ticket to help them unwind! The Snuffle Park will be by the flagpole, just past the picnic area.

  9. You will register in front of the main lodge. You will sign some releases, double check a few things (like your mobile number, etc), and best of all-get your SWAG BAG!

  10. I know it is tempting-it is my favorite place on earth-but paperwork comes first. Do not wander the grounds prior to registering.

  11. You will have lots of time to enjoy the lake. The Beach will be open at 4pm and ONLY if you have completed your registration. Again, your dog must stay on leash.

  12. Yappy Hour begins around 5:30. We will be serving non-alcoholic beverages and snacks. Dinner will be served about 6:30. If you cannot arrive in time for dinner be sure to stop and get something along the way. The kitchen does not remain open.

  13. Immediately following dinner we will have a brief discussion on how to get the most out of your camp experience. This Q & A session is mandatory. I promise to keep it as brief as possible.

We have all been waiting all year for this!
It's finally here! Into the Wild Blue!