Thank you Wild Blue Dog Supporters! Your support and enthusiasm have been overwhelming. 2019 Dog Camp was sold out 5 months ahead of time leaving many dogs and their human companions very disappointed.
As a result we are adding a second week of Wild Blue Dog Camp!


get $100 off of your remaining balance
(Excluding your nonrefundable deposit) with every new camper that signs up, referred by you.

there is no limit so you could potentially pay off your balance by recruiting friends this year!

Curious about what Dog Camp is and how much fun we had? Check out our video from 2018’s Camp!

Featured Pup Tale


Maurice is a miniature poodle owned and loved by Ms. Kandy Gillen, in Culver City, California. Maurice has been Kandy’s constant companion-through thick and thin for 14 years. Sadly he was diagnosed with a brain tumor in early November 2018 and he and Kandy are now fighting for his life.


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