Frequently Asked Questions

How many dogs can I bring with me to Dog Camp?

Each Human Camper is allowed to bring up to 3 dogs. This is a time of bonding, learning, and new adventures for you and your dog(s). Spreading yourself too thin will rob you of the opportunity to really immerse yourself and get the benefits you and your dog deserve

How many other campers will be at Wild Blue Dog Camp?

We keep our camp a reasonable size by limiting the number of camper applications we accept. Unfortunately that means we do sell out, but it is the only way to make sure that all attending campers and their dogs can fully enjoy their camp experience We have a very high staff to camper ratio, so small class groups and plenty of space (33 acres) plus miles of hiking trails, streams and Lake Tahoe make this a doggie wonderland.

How far is the Beach Retreat and Lodge from the 4H Facility?

Approximately a 10 minute drive.

Is my dog too young to attend Dog Camp?

Young dogs thrive at Dog Camp. It is a great opportunity for them to meet lots of dog friendly people, a wide variety of dog breeds in all shapes and sizes, to get some expert training from exceptional instructors, and to get lots of socialization. It is also a time of bonding for you and your dog, a chance to develop a solid, happy relationship to last a lifetime.

Is my dog too old for dog camp?

No! You can be as active or take things as easy as you like, and so can your dog! Our hikes offer a variety of levels for every ability. We also offer classes that dogs of all ages and ability levels can participate in, such as scent work, games and activities to enrich your dogs life, tricks, rally, and much more. We have beautiful lawns, a private beach, and shady pine trees to rest beneath. You choose how active you and your dog choose to be.

My dog hasn't had much training, will my dog fit in?

Yes! This is an ideal place to bring your dog to continue his training and to build a strong foundation for the future. Wild Blue Dog Camp has expert trainers to help your dog become the happy, well trained canine citizen they deserve to be. After all, a well trained dog is welcome more places, has more opportunities for fun, and is happier, and so are you! However, if your dog is aggressive toward other dogs or people then this is not the place for him.

My dog is not reliable off leash, will they be safe?

Yes, your dog will be safe because you will always be in control of them, either on or off leash. If your dog does not have good recall we will work on teaching them, as well as teaching good canine etiquette (so he learns how to make good canine and human friends) and they will be on leash until they have proven themselves to be confident, responsive and self controlled.

Is this camp like a doggie daycare?

No! This is an interactive experience for you and your dog. You will be a team and participating in activities as partners.

Why do you ask us bring a crate or an x-pen? I will have a leash for my dog, isn't that enough?

A crate or an x-pen will give your dog a safe place of their own to rest between activities. Camp can be exhausting and having a nice, cozy spot that makes your dog feel safe and relaxed will make a very real difference for them. They can still enjoy the breeze and watch the other dogs-maybe drift off for a nap but still remain part of the scene. Many people like leaving a blanket or bed in their cars because their dog is familiar with his "portable crate" and that is a good option as long as there is plenty of shade and temperatures are cool. However temperatures in September can be in the high 80's during the day and the shade shifts as the sun moves so it can be very unsafe for your dog. Also, we can not have dogs in the picnic area when food is being served.

We are still working with a number of new instructors to add to our exceptional staff. Continue to check our website and facebook page for new additions.