Sample Day at Wild Blue Dog Camp


8:15 AM
• Breakfast

8:50 AM
• Daily announcements & schedule review

9:15 AM
• Kayaking with K9s
• Lure Coursing
• Training for CGC, CGCA & CGCU
• Behavior Modification - Force-free ways of correcting bad habits.
• Paddle Board with your Pup
• Hiking

10:45 AM
• Foundation Cues - Things every Dog should know to have a Happy Life.
• Tricks
• Nosework
• Agility - Perfecting each Obstacle.
• Hiking

12:15 PM
• Lunch at 4H Camp

1:00 PM
• Pet Photography - Learn the Tricks the Pro’s use.
• Core Balance/Strengthening
• Nutrition - Get the latest information on healthy feeding.
• Tracking
• Hiking

2:15 PM
• Fear-free Grooming
• Acupuncture for Dogs -Sessions with a Professional
• Problem Solving
• Agility - Beginners
• Hiking

3:30 PM
• Therapy Dog Training
• Senior Dog - Life Enrichment
• Alternative Medicine
• Crafts

4:30 PM
• New Products for Canine Lifestyles
• Testing for CGC & CGCA
• Canine Stretch & Massage •

5:30 PM
• Yappy Hour EVENING

6:15 PM
• Dinner

Any evening programs will immediately follow dinner

  • Wild Blue Dog Camp class schedules are very flexible. If we have lots of campers interested in a topic or class we will schedule additional classes or even add new activities. We are also very weather sensitive (Lake Tahoe is in the High Sierra’s) and the weather can change rapidly. Activities may be cancelled or rescheduled due to weather or fire risk conditions. We will not put either you or your dog at risk. We expect all campers and their dogs to follow the wisdom & judgement of local authorities.

  • The Tahoe Beach Retreat is less than a 10 minute drive to the 4H Camp, 33 fenced acres of glorious natural beauty and private beach. A safe, beautiful place for uninterrupted time with your 4 legged Best Friend.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner will be catered buffet style at the 4H Camp.

  • We have 4 levels of hiking, all with hike leaders. Our schedule includes all levels of activity, so whether you have an energetic puppy, a precious old friend, a dog recovering from illness or injury, a shy dog or a wild child, our staff will provide classes to meet you & your dog at your current level.

  • Some nights we will have after dinner programs including campfires, games, crafts, discussions.

  • Do a million things or just chill. Participate in every class, or just sit and enjoy the sunshine. The beach is for wet & wild fun, you can stroll the grounds, play fetch, practice things you learned in class, take a private session with an instructor, visit with other campers, or nap beside your snoozing pooch. Dog Camp will be your favorite week of the year!